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Captain’s Logs and Lightsabers - :Looking back to the Force Unleashed

July 16, 2021
Issue #3 of The Living Page jumps into the time machine and goes back to 2008 to discuss what, at the time, was meant to be the official continuation of the Star Wars saga between Episodes III and IV....Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.  Join Jonathan, Sean, and special guest from GNN's YouTube channel Chris Cassidy as they discuss how they first learned about the game, their first impressions of playing the game, the story, memorable moments, the voice acting, literary and merchandise tie-ins.
0:00 Introduction
3:15 Where Did You First Learn About TFU?
9:40 First Playthroughs
17:15 Story Impressions
24:30 Memorable Locales & Standout Moments
29:15 Revisiting the Game Recently
36:30 Voice Cast
40:20 Literary Tie-In
45:45 Merchandising and Missed Opportunities
47:30 Final Thoughts and Contact
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