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Captain’s Logs and Lightsabers - Interview with Dr. Erin Macdonald

July 29, 2021
Captains' Logs and Lightsabers main show is back after a few months' hiatus with an extra-special episode.  Jonathan and Chris had an incredible opportunity to interview Dr. Erin MacDonald,  a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Glasgow in Scotland!  MacDonald, in 2019, was hired as the official science consultant for the ever-expanding Star Trek Universe and currently works on all shows in development.  Dr. Erin talks about her love of both franchises, her strong connections to Star Wars Rebels and Kathryn Janeway, how her love of Star Trek led to working on the franchise, and the science behind warp travel.  Will humanity experience First Contact Day in 2063, or is this event purely a work of science fiction?  Listen and find out the answer!
0:00 Introduction/Guest Background
2:25 First Exposures ST & SW
6:45 Influential Characters
12:00 Learning About Janeway's Return
15:15 Scientific Accuracy in Star Wars
18:05 The Mycelial Network in Discovery
21:10 First Contact Day On Time?
25:00 Turning Trek Love Into a Career
30:20 Dr. Mac Influences Trek Science
35:10 Kathryn Janeway/Kate Mulgrew
43:35 Advice for Women in the Sciences
46:20 Lasting Influence on Star Trek
49:45 Current Projects & Appearances
55:00 Contact Information/Outro
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Instagram: @drerinmac
Twitter: @drerinmac
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