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The Living Page - Star Wars Visions

October 14, 2021
Hello and welcome to Issue #4 of CLL Presents: The Living Page.  This is the roundtable discussion show of the podcast where we discuss something from Animation, Printed Works, and Video Games from the Star Trek and Star Wars Franchises.  
For today's discussion, we will be covering Star Wars Visions.  Initially teased in December of 2020, Star Wars Visions brings together 7 Japanese anime studios and 9 short films that feature unique interpretations of the mythos of Star Wars in the legendary anime format.  
0:00 Introduction
03:25 The Duel
11:35 Tatooine Rhapsody
18:15 The Twins
25:40 The Village Bride
32:20 The Ninth Jedi
42:00 T0-B1
50:22 The Elder
56:40 Lop & Ocho
1:07:15 Akakiri
1:14:50 Contact & Outro
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